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After you have designed, optomized and deployed you great web sit your thoughts will focuse on how it will generate money for you.

Well, actualy the best time to focuse your thoughts on generating revenue from your web site is in the desing stage. That way you can blend revenue generating fetures into your sites overall theme and color scheme. This will save a lot of time and money if done in the design stage. Going back and retro fiting new elements into a web site can be very frustrating and time consuming.

If someone handed you a sheet of paper and asked you to quickly summarize its content, the first thing you'd probably do is look at the page title. That's exactly what the search engines do too. The appearance of keywords within the page title is one of the biggest factors determining your score in Infoseek, AltaVista, and HotBot.

In spite of this, it's surprising how many web sites have simple, unimaginative titles like "Bob's Home Page." In fact, it's not unusual to see entire web sites that use the same title on every page in the site!

Try changing your page titles to include some of your site's keywords. Instead of this title:

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