About Us

The Master's Touch Web Design was started in 2003 because we believed that the availability of a "quality" web site, at an "affordable cost", was not available to the general small business community. With this in mind we put together a team comprised of professional developers, consultants, and graphics designers to produce cutting edge web sites at a realistic cost. The skills we offer our clients' range from designing navigation models and categorizing content to search engine optimization and defining architectural elements at the site, screen, and page level.

Our Mission Statement:

A Web site is part of a successful investor relations program and is one of the most cost effective tools for business promotion. It's also an important element of contemporary business culture. We will create a Web site that gives you the opportunity to make your corporate style and brand name familiar to millions of Internet users. We will design it so you can deliver the most recent news about your company to a virtually unlimited audience. We can put together specialized pages devoted to your industry so you can invite the business community to take part in discussions and forums. There are practically no rules and laws on the Internet, but there are standards and qualifications. The development of a web site demands the work of a specialist and The Master's Touch Web Design can provide it.

Be it personalization, navigation or content structure, our understanding of the dynamics of the Internet means the web sites we design will not only be visually satisfying, involving and at the cutting edge of digital design, but also efficient, well branded, informative and involving. We are dedicated to producing a truly unique and innovative web site for you that is not only affordable, but will provide ongoing customer service and support when you need it.

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