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On The World Wide Web! provides web page hosting services for as little as $12.00 (anual pre pay) a month for a sub domain name. If you are not sure what hosting is all about, then read below where we have listed frequently asked questions and answers that will help you understand the issues behind hosting.

FAQ: What is Hosting?

ANS: All of the web pages you see on the Internet have to be stored on a computer (server) somewhere in order to be viewed by everyone that browses the Net. This is called Hosting.

FAQ: What do I need to do to have my site Hosted?

ANS: You can contact your current ISP (internet service provider) to see if they offer web page hosting to their members, or you can sign up with a Host Provider like to display your site.

FAQ: What are the differences between "member" pages, and having my site on the server as a subdomain?

ANS:There is really no difference other then the professional URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address you would get with us. The URL is what people type into the menu bar at the top of your browser window. For example; instead of seeing a URL address that begins with "" (you cannot use a domain name using "member space), you would get a more professional address that begins with "". The "YourName" you see at the end would be your company name and this is called sub domain hosting. If you have more questions on sub domain hosting then please  Contact  Us.

FAQ: What are the main differences to having my own domain name, and attaching my name to as a subdomain?

ANS: The primary differences between the two is COST and Requirements. Having your own domain would entail substantial up front costs to set up (you must obtain a Host other then your current ISP to use a domain name unless they provide this service). This would include registering the name ($70), and paying a Host Provider to store your web pages on their server . The monthly hosting fee would be in addition to the regular monthly fee you pay your current ISP (internet service provider).

By attaching your business name to's address you eliminate the expensive up front costs and higher monthly hosting fees. You would also get a professional URL business address. For example; If you attach your business name as a sub domain to" your monthly cost would only be $12.00 per month...and NO setup fees.  Contact  us if you have questions on this.

FAQ: Would a Host provide maintenance for my site ie: perform updates or changes as I need them?

ANS: No...a Hosts' sole purpose is to provide server space for your web pages. If something goes wrong with your site such as broken links, corrup display of the web pages etc.. you are responsible to fix the problems. However, if you are a client we will fix any problems that arise at no additional cost to you.

FAQ: If I use to host my site what benefits would I receive?

ANS: devotes the time and resources to ensure that all of our clients' sites are functioning properly by performing periodic reviews. Simply put this means we go to every site and retrieve them off the Net like everyone else. If we discover something that is not functioning properly we correct it immediately.

FAQ: If I change my mind and want to go with a domain name of my own can my web pages be moved from to my new host?

ANS: No problem... we will even upload your web pages to your new host free of charge.

FAQ: If I choose to host my site what will I be committed to do?

ANS: You will be required to pay our monthly hosting fee of $15.00, $12.00 if anual pre pay.

If you are interested in having host your site please provide the following information. We will contact you for the additional information we will need to upload your sites' files to our server.

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