Can Your Web Site Be Found
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Search Engine Robots & Keyword Ranking

We can take the guess work and time consuming task out of determining how your site is ranked. Meta Tags are hidden code that only the search engines robots can see and are used by them to index your site. If your site does not have Robots and Keywords Meta Tags embedded in your pages then you are running the risk of never being found by someone searching for your business via a search engine.

To be ranked within the TOP 20-100, your site must also have Keyword rich text and revelent content. "Craming" is repetive keywords in Meta Tags. The major search engines are not stupid. If you use the Craming Keywords "trick" to try and increase your ranking you run the risk of being droped from search engine data bases. Sure DEATH for your site ranking. When prepairing texual content for your site work in as many Keywords as posible.

If you are serious about doing business on the Net then you can't do without this crucial piece of information. Good Search Engine ranking is critical to being successful because it is the only place where people can find you on the Internet. If you are not listed in these engines and are not listed within the TOP 75, your site "WILL NOT" be found... it will be in LIMBO!

Keywords Report

Do You Need "Good" Keywords... Finding the "right" keywords can be a daunting task that can make the difference in being found on in the Internet. We can provide you with a list of specific keywords that are tailored to your particular business to help maximize your site's ranking with the search engines.

For only $12.00 we will email you a comprehensive list of Keywords you can use for your site.

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