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Tips and Tricks for Restoration Professionals


The information, instructions and suggestions presented in this section of our web site is NOT intended for use by the general public. Anyone can browse throughout the information if they like to see first hand how things are done. However, the sharing of this information is intended for use only by those who are processional finishers and furniture restorers. It assumes that you have a working knowledge of the trade and safety procedures, are familiar with the terminology and have access to professional equipment and supplies to do the work. If you are not a working restoration professional DO NOT attempt to use any of the procedures found in this section of our web site.

Video & Pictorial "How To" Professional Tips

Piano Restoration of Major Transit Damage 1 Video (HD)

Digital Touch-up of Missing Veneer 1 Video (HD)

Antique Table Restoration "The Basket Case" 27 photos

Burnt Kitchen Door Repair and Touch-up 11 photos

Gold Leaf Mirror Repair 29 photos

Love Seat Restoration 38 photos

Glazing - How To Make Plastic Look Like Wood. 23 photos

Making A Missing Hinge Replacement 13 photos

Paste Wooding Filling Open Grain Woods 3 videos

Veneer Sand Through Touch-up 1 video

Shrinking A Table Top 1 video