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For one (1) full year from date of invoice on fully paid accounts, The Master's Touch will repair free of charge any defect that arises do to poor workmanship and/or materials for the original owner.


1) Warranty does not cover any material, fabric, hardware, etc. that has been provided by the customer or has been provided by The Master's Touch as a convenience (at no cost).

2) Warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse, and/or abuse, and/or excessive use, and/or poor design, and/or negligence, and/or accidents, and/or normal wear-and-tear, and/or alterations, and/or lack of maintenance.

3) Warranty does not cover any pickup, delivery, or transportation costs.

4) Warranty does not cover any thing sold "as is" and/or at a discounted price.

5) Warranty does not cover any thing that has been moved from the original point of delivery or repair site.


Claims are rare. We have had less than a dozen in the last 45 years. However, we are human and can make mistakes, get a bad batch of glue or finishing materials. The purpose for offering a Warranty is to let our customers know we stand behind our work. If there is going to be a problem it should show up well before a year of normal use. We will repair any legitimate problem at no cost to our customer!

If you suspect there is a problem with any work we have completed just call and set-up an appointment to bring the item to our shop for inspection. If you do not have a means of transportation we can come to your home for an inspection. Please note however, if we visit your home there will be a minimum Service Call charge (usually $200). Also if it is necessary to have an item returned to the shop for repairs (even if covered by Warranty) you are responsible for the transportation. The current charge for local transportation: one man, car/truck pick-up & delivery fee is $200, two men/truck pick-up & delivery fee is $400.