Burnt Kitchen Door Repair & Touch-up Step 5

burntdor08.jpg burntdor09.jpg
Using a folded piece of cheese cloth as an applicator, work more color onto the area and feather it over the surrounding finished surface. It is easy to adjust the color with this method. By adding a little more of this or that color, it can be applied in a thin coat to "tint" the base you have built-up. The trick is to not get your cheese cloth to wet or you will start to drag off the color you have already put down. If this starts to happen, stop and let the area dry. Try to keep the area of the touch-up small. only feather over the finished wood as much as is needed to make a smooth color transition. This is akin to French Polishing with added color. With a little practice you can drag on some fine grain also by using contrasting colors.

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