Love Seat Restoration


All the holes from the misplaced tacks, the dents and cut-outs from the mending plates have been filled with fast drying walnut colored putty. While the putty dries any joint that is not a perfect fit is sanded with #80 grit to level and #120 grit sandpaper to smooth. Then the putty is sanded level with #120 grit. Next, the entire frame is smooth sanded with #150 grit sandpaper. You don't need to go any finer than #150 grit if you sand by hand and with the grain. However, I dislike sanding, its boring but very necessary. So we use the "Twirl-E-Doodle" (a flatter air sander) with well broke-in #120 grit disks. It gives a smooth fine sanding to about the equivalent of #180 grit with little effort and 80% faster.

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