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On The World Wide Web!

For many years I considered the internet not a valid venue for a local or small regional businesses. "The internet is Global, World Wide, a place for large companies or for those selling mail order products that have national appeal, like cameras or computers." This has been true in the past. Perhaps you have had similar thoughts. But the times they are a changing!

Today more and more people have internet access and use it for researching products, services and venders BEFORE they buy. If you do not have a web site now, you will need one in the not to distant future to remain competitive in your niche of the market place. If you have a web site, you need to make it professional and interactive, a reflection of your professionalism. Then promote your web site address in all your advertising, your yellow page listings, on the sides of your truck, business cards, bags, cash recites, on proposals, estimates and invoices, ink pens, calendars or other give-a-way promotional advertising.

We are cutting edge web site developers dedicated to the design of innovative web sites for small and medium sized businesses and professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our carefully planned designs are tailored to fit your unique business needs and delivered on time, to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a complete ecommerce site, or one that is strictly information based we can develop it for you. With over 6 years of experience in web design and over 35 years of small business ownership, we can deliver the professional presence you need to stay on top of the competition.

We understand how people use the Internet, and the operational details of running a small business. By linking this knowledge together with your experiences, we can develop a web site that will help transform casual visitors to your web site into long-term customer relationships. We accomplish this by designing a site that is easily navigated, fast loading, and graphically pleasing. Combine all of this with reliable 5 days a week customer support, maintenance when you need it, cost effective  fees , and you have the perfect winning combination.

A note from the Webmaster of

A web site conveys an image about your business to your customers, and how it looks to them will make the difference between their buying your product or service, or going elswhere. A poorly designed site, or one that looks like it is a "canned" copy that everyone else has could have a major influence on your potential customer because they want and expect the company they are going to do business with to be professional and qualified. You can opt to go for the less expensive or "pre-built templates" offered by many services on the Net today but do you really want to take that risk?

You devoted the time, effort, and money to put your business together and it only makes good business sense to obtain a professionally built web site that gives your customer the secure feeling that the company they are looking at will be around for some time to, and in the future.

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