Design Fees

If you are serious about doing business on the Internet and want a professional look that won't break your budget... we can help you. For one affordable "fixed price" we will design a web site or web page that is custom tailored around your business. The fixed price plan allows you more control over your budget because you know in advance what the total costs will be... there are no hidden costs or surprises.

We have two ( 2 ) web site design plans you can choose from... both come with identical features and options. The only differences are where the site is HOSTED 

1. Sub Domain Design Fees  - this link will take you to the fees charged for a sub-domain name web site wherein your domain name will be The cost averages 30% less then a name and has no setup fees for hosting. However, this program requires that you host your site on our server.

2. Domain Name Design Fees  - this link will take you to the fees charged for a domain name web site. Under this program you will need a domain server... we can set you up with one, or we will upload your site files to a host server of your choice.

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