Sub-Domain Name Packages

This is the least expensive option for those on a limited budget and who do not want an unprofessional URL address like "" or ""... If you let us Host your page or site as a subdomain of ie: on our server you will receive an average 30% discount or more off our normal fees.

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Web page costs for a Sub Domain site

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Financing is available! We have a program where the cost of your site can be spread out over a maximum of 12 months, or less... your choice. Finance your web site as capital equipment and let it earn the money to pay for itself as you go. There are no interest charges but we do require that you pay 50% of the initial cost of the web site upfront. After your site is completed we will also require that the monthly payments be paid by check or PayPal. Each month we will send an E-mail invoice for the monthly amount owed until the balance outstanding is paid in full.

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