Web Site Maintenance

Maintenance, a frustrating & time consuming task?

The Master's Touch understands this and provides complete web site solutions to busy companies and individuals who want a web site, but don't want the hassle of maintaining it themselves.

One of the many services we provide is reliable
Web Site Maintenance

The Master's Touch is a company that uniquely combines the economies and expertise of out-sourcing with the efficiencies and scale of the Internet to help companies and individuals to cost effectively and efficiently maintain and manage their web site infrastructures.

We are well aware of how frustrating it can be sometimes when a graphic needs to be removed, or changed, or your text/shopping cart content requires timely updates to include a new product or service. We can devote the time and resources to ensure that your sites' content is updated accurately and within your time constraints. Whether you have just one page, or fifty pages, we can maintain it for you.

Most text/content changes and updates can be made on the same day. More complex jobs involving graphics work can take a little longer. However, we schedule all of our work and can usually predict when it will be done - and we'll give you a completion date so that you'll know when to expect your updates to appear on your site.

Why maintain and manage a Web site?

In order to meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of customers, you cannot afford to ignore the demands of ongoing Web site maintenance and management. Without it, sites begin to decay in performance and value. Proactively managing the site will extend its useful life, maximize its return on investment and consistently deliver a great Internet experience to its users (Your New Customers).

We can perform your updates on an as need basis for a one time fixed fee. Or if you need reliable site maintenance on a more frequent basis - daily/weekly/monthly - we can do that too by setting you up with a very reasonable monthly fee. Please contact us with an overview of what you will need and we will get back to you promptly with an estimate:  Contact Webmaster 

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