Why Web Sites Fail

Top 10 Reasons Web Sites
Fail To Produce Results

10. Information was outdated.

Information beyond 4-6 months old should be deleted or archived. Visitors to your site need to be confident that the information is current and that the site is maintained.

A well maintained site gives the visitor a feeling of a responsive site owner. If you or your staff cannot maintain the files on a scheduled and priority basis, search for an outside source that will maintain your site for you.

If your are to bussy to maintain your site try The Master's Touch  Web Maintenance  service. You will not be disapointed! We guarentee it.

9. Lack of dedicated and applicable domain name.

Sites that are located deep within complicated paths have two strikes against them.

First, search engines will not find them and therefore the sites exposure is limited resulting in lower levels of traffic.

Secondly, long paths tend to confuse someone who either views the path on your hard copy materials or who attempts to type it in.

Your domain name should be either related to your firm name or product/service. Short names are hard to find. Be creative. You will be surprised at some of the names available.

We can  Sub Domain  hoist your site with an easy to remember applicable domain name, FurnitureRepair.net/YourName

8. Too little information given.

Giving too little information leaves the visitor confused. Be sure to clearly state the purpose of your site and provide the information that will allow viewers to decide if they want to either proceed deeper into your site or to contact you.

7. Too much information presented.

Most sites provide too much information thereby confusing the viewer. The other big mistake is long pages of text. Break up the information into several pages and reduce text to a minimum. What is easy to read on hard copy is often difficult to read on a screen.

6. Too much graphic overhead.

Graphics are a very important part of a sites presentation. The trade off is the overhead associated with the graphics the first time a visitor views your site.

Any site that takes more than 10-15 seconds to start loading and more than 30 seconds to be at least somewhat visible, will be exited before complete loading in a large percentage of viewings.

There are analysis programs that will tell you the amount of average time someone views your site. You will be surprised how short it is. I have found some site with less than 15 second average viewing times!

The Master's Touch Web Design offers Quality Optimized Graphics to insure visitors do not make a haste retreat from your web site.

5. No links to or from other associated sites.

Links to and from sites that can be considered associated, are often overlooked as traffic sources. Your site's  popularity  is one of the criteria that many search engines use to rank your site. The more quality outside links to your site the higher your ranking will be. Possible sources of links include trade associations, support groups and customer sites.

The Master's Touch offers  FREE  Listings  to any furniture restoration shops and a  FREE Premeiun Listing  to its Sub Domain customers to promote higher rankings. Our site is indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines 2-3 times a month. When they re-index our site and find new links we direct them to index the new links also by the use of a "robots.txt" file and "robots"  Meta Tags  on all our pages.

Links should be reciprocal but caution must be taken to place them in a manner that does not create a easy escape from your site. Never put reciprocal links on your home page.

4. Not designed to appeal to the proper prospect profile.

Your sites formatting and design should reflect your audience. Are they graphical or more text oriented. Are they impressed by animation or do they find it distracting? The site should fit your viewer's likes, not necessarily be a showcase for technology unless it is appropriate.

3. Having no direct response tool or using E-mail only.

Okay, you have them to your site, now what? Consider what you want the visitors to do. Do you want them to make a purchase, contribute information or request more information? Most sites put in a E-mail link.

A form that assists both the mailer and you in helping each other by asking a few simple questions that will aid in communications may be more appropriate.

2. Can't be found using search engines with applicable key words.

Search engines are both a blessing and a curse and managing  meta-tags  to obtain a decent ranking in any search engine is a black art in itself. Try our Do-It-Yourself Meta Tags Generator 

Although search engines only account for part of the traffic to your site, it is often new visitors who are seeking information. If your site is not listed within the first 40 sites based on a search using related keyword or phrases to your topic, your site is not producing new visitors as it should.  Order Keywords 

1. Lack of on-going pro-active professional marketing and promotion.

Web sites are dynamic by their nature. In order to produce the desired results, they must be continuously promoted. This includes re-evaluation, updating, searching for links, monitoring the competition and promotion, promotion, promotion! Just having a site is like putting up a billboard in your back yard, it could be the best billboard ever created but if it's not exposed to the people who are interested in it's content, it will not pay off.

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