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The publications below are aids designed to assist a potential Customer in obtaining accurate pricing for our services. Conditions and styles of items vary greatly, as well as the Customer's priority or unique proclivity. Therefor they can only be "Guides", and are not definitive "Price Lists". Prices subject to change without notice.

Common sense is the best principle. The worse the condition, the more time is required and the greater the cost of restoration will be. Restoring back to the same color or style, little or no repairs, the lower the cost of restoration.

If you have any question or want to discuss option for your restoration project please call or Contact Us. We will be glad to help.

Also keep in mind that all restoration service pricing is influenced greatly by regional trends. The prices you find here may be higher or lower in your location. To find a Restorer near you go to the Professional Restorers International web site,

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