Love Seat Restoration


Next I mixed a "Shading Stain" of pre-cad lacquer, NGR stains and/or Japan color, and lacquer thinner. Four to five parts thinner to one lacquer, then add color. You want the mix to give you the maximum control of color placement. A mixture that is overly strong has no transparency and you can't get a natural look. A mixture that is to weak in color will require a lot of extra time to apply. The balance of color adjustment is done by "high lighting" (a gradual darkening of corners, around carvings and all edges of he frame). Turn the air pressure down to about 20 PSI and adjust the air on your spray gun to a small round pattern. I generally start with a strong color to do the corners and thin down the mixture for over all shading. Shading brings out the lines of a piece when doing an over-all outline shading, strengthens the details by darkening corners and craving crevices and used to impart a natural worn look (antique patina).

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